Sunday, April 5, 2009

eleven days of feeling better

I am thrilled that I am on the low thyroid pill...I sure do notice I have more energy and sleep better and stomach uneasiness completely gone and on and on...the benefits of a more fully functioning thyroid are huge!

On another front, I called my daughter when I found out she has a phone and got the number so we could sing happy birthday to her...yeah!!! Disconnections are no fun...glad we are back in touch...she was a block away from the shootings in Binghamton. She works a block away from the place where it all went down and I am so thankful she is okay.

Saw ADVENTURELAND with my son. It is a wonderful movie...funny with nice messages.



Lynn said...

There is so much to be said for good quality sleep. I now have neuropathy and the medication I am taking also helps me sleep better, hence I feel better. I guess some things can be a blessing in disguise.

Karen said...

When did you start thyroid meds? Did I miss something? I haven't been to a movie in over a year. I wanted to see Duplicity but it does not look like that is going to happen either.

Lynn Barry said...

Lynn and Karen,

Yes, I hate to admit sometimes that a pill CAN make such a difference but I truly feel better all for no movies, seem to be living a movie daily with your adventures...HUGS