Friday, July 17, 2009

Closed for good!

Due to health concerns hubby decided to close the diner for good. NO MORE WAITRESSING...It is exciting to be entering a new phase for both of us...will keep you posted...thanks for reading my blog and being interested in my life. HUGS

Monday, July 13, 2009

Amazing pancakes!

Googled egg free dairy free pancakes and found a recipe that I love... adapted it a bit of course but wow...yummy!!! and thanks for the lemon sugar suggestion to the blogger I stumbled onto...AMAZING!

I used Bob's Redmill baking mix for the flour, almond milk for the milk, and skipped the vanilla.

Never heard of squeezing lemon juice and sprinking sugar on a pancake...oh baby, it is refreshingly delish!

Two granddaughters were visiting when I decided to try this recipe and they love these pancakes too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bummy tummy

I have felt pretty good for a long time, so I was not happy that I felt so poorly recently after eating some things I maybe shouldn't have...but I am fine now.

I attended a party and filled my plate up twice...ok so I was HUNGRY but I also nibbled on chocolates that had fallen off the pretzels they were stuck to and Rice Krispie treats that were probably not made with gluten free cereal and two helpings of fruit salad that was delicious but oh so full of stomach cramped and I had to leave the party or risk suffering a fight for the port-o-potty...after a long time in the bathroom my churning tummy settled down...

Oh...I don't often forget to be careful...but now I will resume watching my intake like a watchdog outside a diamond mine.

HUGS and happy healthy choices...cha cha cha!