Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Honey Nut Chex gingerly

I am baking wheat flour cookies for the family since I am not doing sweets anymore (not good with Hashimoto's disease)...but I did feel like making something that might be a treat for me, without all the sugar sugar sugar...so I looked on the Honey Nut Chex box and adapted the recipe for ginger almond apple treats.

I mixed 6 cups of Chex with 3 cups of almonds (just plain almonds, not roasted or salted)then melted in microwave 1/4 cup Spectrum shortening, 1/2 cup apple cider molasses and 1 1/2 tsp. ground ginger to boiling, then poured the boiling mixture over the dry mix and stirred... Microwaved it 4 minutes, stirring after each minute, then let it go on its own for 3 min. in the microwave, dumped it in a foil lined pan to cool.

I craved a ginger treat after mixing gingerbread cookie dough...so now I have it! Good for me! HEHE

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Corn chowder and Udi's whole grain bagels

I looked in the cupboard and saw two cans of corn and one can of creamed corn and thought...Hmmm corn chowder? why not?...as usual I googled corn chowder recipes and then made some...my style.

I sauteed chopped onions and celery in shortening and then added cut potatoes, drained cans of corn, creamed corn, chicken broth, pepper, salt, celery salt, minced dried garlic, cayenne pepper, dried parsley. Simmered it until potatoes were soft...ladled it up...and enjoyed it! We all did. And adding a toasted whole grain Udi's bagel topped it off deliciously.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

bean brownies

We had to have a new septic system put in and we got to talking to the man who put it in and he recently learned he is celiac and he told us his wife makes great black bean brownies. I had not heard of that before. I am not eating sweets but the other day my curiosity got the best of me. I didn't have black beans but had kidney beans so googled kidney bean brownies and stumbled on to some recipes. I tried it and am very pleased. I have been eating them for breakfast like breakfast bars...how outrageous is that? Can't remember where I found this but THANKS to the inventor of this recipe...I LOVE YOU!

1 can of beans drained and rinsed (red or black or white)
2 bananas
1/2 cup agave syrup
1/4 cup powdered carob (could use cocoa but I am staying away from caffeine)
1 TBs cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup GF oats
I threw in a handful of pecans

Process in food processor and spread in a greased 8X8 or 9X9 pan bake at 350 deg. for 30 min. Cool before cutting and store in the refrigerator.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

beeeeeef stew with GF Bisquick dumplings

I made beef stew today and used GF Bisquick to add dumplings. I followed the biscuit recipe (using almond milk) and plopped spoonfuls onto the boiling stew, covered and ignored it for about 15 minutes...yum...

Back tracking...I browned beef chunks, cut carrots, onions, and potatoes in spectrum shortening, added salt and pepper and just enough water to cover and let simmer for hours...then the dumpling procedure...comfort chilly weather joy!Oh boy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Udi's GF CF pizza

I made a pizza for lunch using Udi's pizza skin, Daiya's mozzarella flavored cheese, shredded onions, black olives and tomato slices. I added garlic powder, basil, and ground oregano. Baked for about 10-15 minutes in a 400 degree oven, it was delicioso, magnifcentio...don't ya know.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bean soup, DF Cheesy polenta, brown rice grits pudding

Had one of those chilly day cookathons...soaked beans and made bean soup...then later made brown rice grits pudding with apple molasses...and finished off with DF cheesy polenta. Added a tossed salad which made for a fabulous dinner, if I do say so myself.

For the bean soup I used chicken broth instead of water and it gave it great flavor. It had beans, broth, cut up carrots, celery, and onion and last but not least chunks of ham.

The rice grits recipe was on the side of the package and I used the variation that eliminated milk and eggs replacing it with water. Instead of honey I used apple molasses. I also added cinnamon and nutmeg. It was quite good.

Wanting to add something else to the roundup I searched my cupboards and found some polenta corn grits so Bingo...that is what I made next. I thought it would taste good with my Daiya cheddar flavored DF cheese and I was right, it did. Kind of a mac and cheese kind of thing only corny.

Well, that's my entry for today. Here's to HAPPY COOKING the foods you can safely enjoy and learning to love it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Natural Brown Rice Pasta Goulash

I bought some brown rice pasta at The Christmas Tree Shop and got around to trying it this morning. I like it. Goldbaum's All Natural Pasta Gluten Free. I added it to browned ground beef and onions and celery and organic canned sauce and seasoned it with salt and pepper and basil and oregano and powdered garlic. Pretty darn tasty. Goulashish!

On a home note...we are having an Amish man redo a bedroom. He stripped the particle board and outdated wall board off the walls and is pretty darn amazing. Will update as the project unfolds.

PS...the veggie burger baked in a pan was delicious too. 350 deg. for about 30-45 minutes.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GF CF Veggie Burgers

While in a waiting room in a hospital I did what many do I snagged a recipe from a magazine. I wasn't proud of my self but I did it, I ripped it out and stashed it in my purse.

So what was it? A veggie burger with brown rice and chick peas. I tried it today, my way, and was pleased with the results.

I didn't have all the ingredients (what else is new?) so I used what I had.

Made a cup of brown rice, processed it with a half toasted Udi's bagel, a can of drained chick peas, cup of Daiya's cheddar cheese, then added an egg (I try to avoid eggs but I did use one), pepper and salt and then made two patties and fried on the stove top griddle until brown on both sides. I like it!

I took the rest of the mixture and baked it like a meat loaf...will post how that came out tomorrow.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Schar table crackers

I am pleased to have finally found a decent cracker...I have missed saltines since I went gluten free and have tried gluten free crackers but until I bought Schar's Table crackers I was disappointed and settled for something to eat but not yummy. I am thrilled with the crunchiness and flavor of the table crackers. THANKS, SCHAR!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Berry Berry good GF CF pancakes

I made Hodgson Mill Gluten Free with milled flax seed Pancakes this morning and added frozen blueberries and cinnamon and vanilla and get this...I used water for the liquid...they were great...especially topped with blueberry preserves that have no sugar added.

Berry Berry Barry good!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Carob Treat

No more chocolate since it has caffeine (no no for Hashimoto's disease. So I thought I would give carob another try. As usual it was on a whim that I made Eco-Planet Instant Hot Cereal and tossed in some Chatfield's carob chips before microwaving it for two minutes. It was a little dry so I added a little bit of Hazelnut Milk and oh baby...it was a real treat for me...comforting and delicious as well as nutritious! WIN WIN! GRIN!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rice Grits hot cereal

I am always looking for new products that are gluten free so when I saw brown rice hot cereal made from rice grits I was intrigued. ORGANICE RICE and SHINE by Arrowhead Mills. Stamped Gluten free Wheat free. YEAH! Also USDA Organic. YEAH! again.

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Grits

My only warning is that if you try the micro version take seriously the part about placing the ingredients in a "narrow, tall microwave safe bowl."

I used a four cup glass Pyrex measuring container (see pic) to prepare it in and it still boiled over. I didn't lose much but it was messy. What didn't boil over was satisfying and comforting. There are recipes for a cheese souffle and rice pudding on the package which I will try (using non-dairy, non-soy cheese, of course).

I simply added salt and pepper to mine, nothing else and it was delish!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decaf coffee with hazelnut non-dairy and Udi's goodies

Since I had my thyroid surgery, learned I have Hashimoto's disease, found out all the tea I consumed was not good for me (naturally occurring fluoride), I switched to decaf coffee (caffeine is a no no), I have been experimenting with what to put in it to make it a tasty drink for me. The non-dairy creamers all seem to have casein added which is another no no. MimiCreme isn't bad but...well, suffice it to say I need to avoid sugar too and the unsweetened variety isn't to my liking...then I tried Pacific Natural Foods All Natural Hazelnut non-dairy beverage in my decaf coffee and voila! It's a winner!

Add a Udi's baked goody; bagel, whole grain bread, or blueberry muffin (sugary but once in a while I will indulge) and you'll think you are royalty.

Another good eat I discovered this morning is brown rice grits...but I will discuss these more at length next time. Have a good day!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

GF DF Salmon biscuits

I followed the recipe on the Bisquick box for the biscuits, but used unsweetened almond milk for the milk and added a drained can of salmon and garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper.

I am in love with my creation/adaptation...with Hashimoto's disease it is good to avoid gluten and dairy and it is good to eat cold water fish so WIN WIN with this yummy little nugget. I am very pleased and will definitely make these again.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hashimoto's Disease and being gluten free

After the last 5-6 years of struggling with figuring out what substances I should avoid to feel better, it is rather satisfying to know that eliminating gluten was what I should do not only to feel better but to help my situation...that being the fact I have Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid). Of course I didn't know I had it until I had part of my thyroid removed and the surgeon told me I had it for sure. It was only hinted at over these past five years...now it is my reality.

And what do many doctor's advise their Hashimoto patients to avoid? Gluten, casein, sugar, soy, alcohol, caffeine, many fruits and vegetables that can interfere with thyroid function...so nice to already be in the habit of avoiding a lot of the things on the list...easier than starting it all in one chunk.

Before it was a matter of eliminating to have a better quality of life, and now it is that and much more. I am trying to save my thyroid or reduce symptoms that occur when the thyroid is out of whack.

I wish I discovered this sooner, but better later than never...yup!

life is good.

I have my middle son back around and his dog Chili. All Chili needs is his dry dog food, water, some used chair cushions and an old towel...the dog's life. They have it made.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bisquick GF Biscuits

I made the biscuits, they are divine
I will make them again any old time

Made chicken stew it was fine
I will make it again any old time

Put the biscuits in the stew
It was like chicken pot pie
I loved it dearly, I wouldn't lie

Good bye!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day one of the full plan in motion...

I had a bowl of original Eco Planet hot cereal this morning. I added some roughly broken pecans, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a few frozen blueberries. Just poured a half cup of boiling water over it all and ... breakfast! I usually eat the brown sugar variety but in keeping with me trying to not consciously eat sugar, I tried the original. It was filling and satisfying and tasty.

Working towards the dream life...feeling the best I can feel and not promoting the advancement of this Hashimoto's disease and the destruction of the rest of my thyroid...I CAN DO THIS!

A cup of decaf coffee (I admit I added ONE non-dairy creamer)...Have a nice day! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Working my way to total empowering control over feeling the best I can feel

Just back from a lovely trip south for a party to celebrate my son Ben and his wife Katie's marriage last summer I realized that I am closer to feeling the best I can feel than anytime before.

It has been three weeks since I had half of my left thyroid removed: finding was that Hashimoto's disease created a nodule that was interfering with thyroid function. I will be on meds the rest of my life and no guarantees that this autoimmune disease won't create more problems for me in the future but the nice thing is that I was already avoiding some of the substances I should be avoiding...gluten, alcohol and most of the time dairy and caffeine and tried to avoid as much as possible...sugar. So I am committed for real now that I know it isn't just "maybe I will feel better"...it involves a disease that I have and unless I don't care if more of my thyroid has to be removed, I will watch it more closely than I have since I have been on this elimination road. Some foods and substances are not my friends. PERIOD.

We were staying at my son and daughter in law's and there was candy all over the house...I DID NOT HAVE ANY!!!! This is huge for me...and I can do it. I want to do it. So you will not see gluten free cookies or sweet treats on here any more...just the way it is. I want to do this...and ultimately it will continue to empower me to be the woman I want to be...thinner and able to resist temptation.


PS no more tea (has naturally occurring fluoride)so on to decaf coffee (no sugar or dairy in it)...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clean at last...

Got to shower finally!!! hooray!!! The finding from the surgeon was that Hashimoto's disease caused inflamation and formed a nodule...the half of the left lobe of my thyroid with the nodule was removed...I honestly do feel better. From my reading I find many doctors suggest eliminating gluten and dairy and sugar and fruit...well well...I have been doing that (gluten, religiously)...I think my life should be better from now on...we shall see...pills always but that okay.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I think that battle has been won...

Well well well...I finally had the thyroid surgery, the left lobe was removed and already I feel peppier. I will always be on low thyroid meds, but before the surgery I was taking meds and still feeling weary. I have also read in more than once source now that many celiacs and folks like me who are gluten intolerant have a low functioning thyroid. I find that interesting. Anyone else hear this?

So with bandage on neck, I have hope that the days ahead will find me peppier and less fuzzy headed and perhaps I will even lose some weight finally. Feels good!

As far as gluten free products go for those of us who need them, I recently discovered another chain store that has lots of gluten free products...CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPS. I didn't think to go in the store because I thought it would be filled with only Christmas items...wrong...a friend turned me on to this store and it has a little bit of everything and a whole lot of gluten free items. I recommend giving this store a try.

Happy weekend, everyone! :) If interested, go to www.christmastreeshops.com/ to see if you have a store near you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix banana bread

I feel good! I love to be creative and tonight I was creative. I had six bananas that needed to be made into something before the fruit flies carried them away. Banana bread...yup...that is what I wanted to use them for. I googled gluten free banana bread but wasn't inspired...then I was inspired...I went to the cupboard and took out a Betty Crocker gluten free yellow cake mix and dumped it in a mixing bowl. I added some vanilla and an egg and six mashed bananas. I mixed these items together and then added a bunch of hand-broken-up walnuts. I spooned the mixture into a lightly oiled with oil spray loaf pan and baked it for an hour in a 350 deg. oven. Cooled it on a wire rack, sliced it and enjoyed it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gluten and dairy free pecan cookies

I used to love pecan sandie cookies and today I felt as if I was back tasting those goody goodies...I made the pecan cookie variation on the Hodgson Mill cookie mix box. They are yummy and I made them with only shortening and no butter.
Hubby is a pecan sandie lover too and he ate some and was wowed as well.

SO WOW! Another recommendation...HODGSON MILL cookie mix...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

mac n cheese my way

hey hey mac n cheese my way

boil Orgran noodles
heat some Almond milk
add grated almond cheese
salt pepper hot sauce powdered garlic and onion
combine and bake in the oven on 350 until flavors blend
add topping to casserole before baking, if desired (I like crushed chips)

Here it is fallish weather so this is the perfect comfort casserole.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Udi's kind of day

Again...the products are awesome....UDI'S, how DO you DO it? I had the vanilla granola this morning and yum yum yummmers...I love their products.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I can't believe Udi's bagels are gluten free

I already reported that I love Udi's breads so I went on to try their bagels...oh as you can see I am indulging myself with an Udi's bagel with a slice of Almond pepper jack cheese (made with almonds=milk free)...

The texture is amazing...the taste, dreamy.

How DO they DO it?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hodgson Mills Gluten-free brownies

I tried Hodgson Mills gluten free brownies and am so pleased with the results. Only change I made was using Spectrum palm oil shortening instead of butter. I chose the chopped nuts version and added warmed organic chocolate mint topping before digging in. It was a delicious treat!

To be honest I tried the Betty Crocker brownie mix but was not pleased with it. I would definitely buy this Hodgson Mills gluten free mix again.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

thyroid gluten connection?

I have been taking meds for low thyroid function for over a year and the endocrinologist thought it was interesting that I have been gluten free for almost five years now. She said another of her patients had just told her that she( on her own) decided to be gluten free. This is not earth shattering news, it seems being gluten free is almost in-vogue these days...the latest elimination diet etc...gluten free has become a term people know about and almost embrace...so...thyroid...I have been learning a lot about this butterfly shaped metabolic administrator and had to have biopsies for testing due to a nodule on my thyroid recently so I am awaiting news from the pathologist this week to see if it is cancer...in my exhausting googling I ran across a reference to people having this Hashimoto component to the low thyroid (which I have been told I have)is often found in middle aged women (that I am) and type I diabetics (I am not) and celiacs (tested negative BUT I had been gluten free so it was not conclucive)...thoughts on this? Interesting.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Been reading about this yummy Udi's bread that is gluten free on several gluten free blogs and finally found it at Lori's Natural Foods in Rochester NY. I agree with the believers...don't have to microwave or toast it...the bread stands alone and it is fantastic...I had some with my goulash that I made with meat and veggie tomatoey sauce over Orgran gluten free rice and corn pasta penne. It was a comfort meal that tasted as good as it looked. Goulash was my favorite meal while growing up.

So good...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amy's Gluten Free Burritos

I love Mexican food but get tired of ordering nachos or hard tacos and often long for a soft burrito that I can safely have... and now I will long no more...AMY'S makes a frozen GF non-dairy burrito that is easy to get ready (just pop them into the microwave from the freezer) and sooo delicious!

I had another one that was not dairy free (cheddar) so I offered it to my son and he gladly tried it...he also poured queso sauce on it before heating it and then some salsa...he does not need to eat GF and yet he loved it...so many times the rest of the family try my GF products and complain of an unpleasant aftertaste or just plain don't like the product, but these two items were thoroughly enjoyed. Heck, hubby snagged a bite of mine and the mouthful produced a big smile on his face.

So, thank you AMY'S...your GF burritos are fabulously delicious...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bless you Betty Crocker

I was reluctant to buy a Gluten Free Betty Crocker mix, but I recently succumbed and am glad I did...yummy! I subsituted Spectrum palm oil shortening for the butter, making it also dairy free...just delicious!

I will definitely try others.

So so lately...dealing with thyroid issues...will report in after I get the results of my nuclear scan...fun stuff...NOT!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Okay...how about you?

I traveled for two weeks and was good about what I ate. I did partake in dairy from time to time, as the icecream was hard to resist. But only once did I knowingly ingest gluten...my son and daughter in law's wedding cake...and the next day I suffered, could not get out of the bathroom for a while (pain, cramps). So, as always I know the risk and the consequence.
Yes, my oldest son met a gal, courted briefly, and they married quickly at the courthouse and we were present. She is lovely, funny, crazy about my son, and loves his four girls...WE ALL WIN! HOORAY!

So yes, that is why I sacrificed my insides with a little wedding cake celebration.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Power of googling...

Since I have been seeing an endocrinologist I have had to learn about low functioning thyroid (hypothyroid) and yesterday I learned that my abdominal fluid retention may be due to my low functioning thyroid...well, what do you know...doesn't make it go away but it makes me understand what the problem may stem from...onward and upward...googling for greater understanding.

Oh yeah, and my endocrinologist was fascinated that I am not ingesting gluten. She said I was the second patient that day that told her it makes he feel better to not have gluten. Neither of us are celiac. She acted like she wondered if that made a difference for those with low thyroid function. I don't know this for a fact but she seemed intense about it when she brought up that another patient told her that too. Well...interesting...the evil gluten...for some of us any way.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bloated and discouraged

Seems whenever I eat or drink I get so bloated...it is discouraging...I thought with all the eliminating I am doing I would eliminate the bloating...but nope! Oh well...I still feel so much better than I used to when I ate whatever I wanted and didn't realize I really can't do that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ugh...glutenized reluctantly

Ordered a bowl of french onion soup, forgetting about the toast that floats to hold the cheese up...I try hard to avoid dairy too but I wanted the soup any ways...so I dipped in my spoon and dug into the pot of deliciousness...but when I realized I had soggy bread on the spoon too I had to make a decision to just keep eating or push it away from me...I did eat it, but honestly I could not enjoy it and I didn't enjoy it. I kept wondering how it might effect me later and I did get a pounding headache later...not worth it...I have been so careful, so smart, but I was dumb about the soup and I will not do that again any time soon. THE END~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Still pluggin' along

I don't pay much attention to this blog, but would like to report that I am faithful to my food issues and avoid the foods that unfriendly to my insides...I hope all who do stumble upon this blog will be feeling the same way...life is too short to live it with unpleasantness and indigestion and other non-pleasant side effects of eating what we shouldn't eat. PEACE!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weight loss

I seem to have the avoiding foods that bother me down fairly well these days...now it is time to kick in to gear...WEIGHT LOSS...oh no!!! But I have gotten used to the extra 50 pounds I lug around...so, what to do...eat more salads, fewer corn chips...and move around a lot more than I do at present...yup, get my fat @$$ out of the computer chair and on to that bike I profess to love so much...and get pedaling!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Polenta and sauce with roasted asparagus

I made polenta, topped it with homemade sauce with a side of roasted asparagus. Free of the things that make me feel icky...and oh sooooooooo delicious!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

gf cf ef sf carob snack cake with frosting

I made a yummy snack cake this morning using the recipe on the back of the carob powder. I substituted Bob's Redmill GF flour and a tsp. of Xanthan gum for the flour, almond milk with vanilla for the water and the vanilla, and I used 1/2 cup agave syrup instead of 3/4 cup sugar. It is a tasty treat. I tried canned frosting I found in the gluten free section and I like that too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to food intolerances

I have not been posting lately and just began to get into the habit again. My revelation: I have to be true to what I know in my heart and bowels works for my innards.

I strayed for a long while thinking I could do dairy at times and it would be okay. I would have cheese now and then and got hooked on white chocolate anything and everything...until I reminded myself the reasons why I eliminated substances in the first place. TO FEEL BETTER...so when I started feeling overly bloated and sluggish and obsessed with finding stores that sold the white chocolate I liked I knew I was headed back down that eat whatever you feel like eating old path I was on for the first fifty years of my life and I vowed I would never go back to that...

What does any of this mean? Back to no dairy/casein again. I am good about no gluten and don't care a hoot about eggs or soy, but was fooling myself that casein wasn't that bad for me...and chocolate...BAD BAD BAD...the sugar is still a BIG problem when I have it...I have to have more more more...I switched to blue agave and even put it on my gluten free waffles with a sprinkle of cinnamon...awesome!

I feel better...sinners stay away...but I have repented now and am crawling out of the hole and into the light of day...ready to stand fast against the FOODS THAT ARE NOT MY FRIENDS!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gluten free dairy free pizza

Used a frozen Glutino pizza skin, topped it with Veganrella cheese (made with brown rice), then I added a few sliced cherry tomatoes, chopped onion, basil, oregano, granulated garlic, salt and pepper. I sprayed the baking sheet before putting the pizza on it and sprayed the top of the skin before loading on the toppings. ENJOY!

Good to be back on here posting.