Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amy's Gluten Free Burritos

I love Mexican food but get tired of ordering nachos or hard tacos and often long for a soft burrito that I can safely have... and now I will long no more...AMY'S makes a frozen GF non-dairy burrito that is easy to get ready (just pop them into the microwave from the freezer) and sooo delicious!

I had another one that was not dairy free (cheddar) so I offered it to my son and he gladly tried it...he also poured queso sauce on it before heating it and then some salsa...he does not need to eat GF and yet he loved many times the rest of the family try my GF products and complain of an unpleasant aftertaste or just plain don't like the product, but these two items were thoroughly enjoyed. Heck, hubby snagged a bite of mine and the mouthful produced a big smile on his face.

So, thank you AMY'S...your GF burritos are fabulously delicious...


Lynn said...

Amy does have good products. I will look for this. Going on vacation to Puerto Rico for 5 nights. Looking foward to going in warm water.

Lynn Barry said...

Oh Lynn I am so jealous...was there for one full day when hubby and I were on a was beautiful there..enjoy! Can't wait to read all about it upon your return.