Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bless you Betty Crocker

I was reluctant to buy a Gluten Free Betty Crocker mix, but I recently succumbed and am glad I did...yummy! I subsituted Spectrum palm oil shortening for the butter, making it also dairy free...just delicious!

I will definitely try others.

So so lately...dealing with thyroid issues...will report in after I get the results of my nuclear stuff...NOT!


Lynn said...

I've tried a few of the Betty Crocker GF products, not bad. I'm finding I need to take at least 4 lactaid pills if I want to have dairy. I can deal with a little whipped cream but it does affect me. Artificial sweeteners are also a killer lately.

Lynn Barry said...

Hi Lynn,
You are ever faithful!Thanks. Interesting, I am finding that people intolerant of gluten tend to be intolerant of dairy too. I know it bothers me but I indulge occasionally. The chips in the mix have cocoa butter, no dairy.
Thanks again, Lynn for commenting my blog. HUGS

Ellen said...

I haven't tried the cookies (yet) but the brownies are exceptional. Of course, I make them with half the fat and half applesauce, so they are really moist and dark and delicious... and all my friends love them, too. Great to take to potlucks and that sort of thing, because other than keeping them separate, people would never guess that they are gluten-free.

Lynn Barry said...

I just a package of the brownies. I look forward to trying them. Thanks, Ellen.

Lynn Barry said...

I tried the brownies and loved them but loves them too much...all that chocolate made me want to eat one after another and then I felt sick...chocolate does that to me...and my addiction nature...I think I will stick to the chocolate chip mix and have a cake mix next I will try. HUGS