Friday, May 29, 2009

Glutino products

While I don't like to ingest anything with yeast or eggs I do love Glutino bread. Well toasted they are a treat for me. Corn Harvest, Fiber, Flaxseed...good stuff. I just tried their gluten free crackers and they are also tasty. I had given up on eating crackers, I was tired of the rice cracker offerings, so these are a nice change.

Last weekend my sons and granddaughters visited...heavenly. The guys played a show locally and my youngest son debuted with his band. Band mama was in her glory. Love it!

We have a big mouse problem here... I have humane traps set in the kitchen and we are up to catching and releasing 30 over the past month...perhaps they are running right back in, yathink?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuna fish sandwiches

I missed tuna fish sandwiches, but I did't miss mayo...yuch! I hate it; it never made me feel good when I did partake of it. So I have struggled, missing tuna fish sandwiches...but not any more...I found a Wegman's brand pouch tuna that is simply tuna and water and salt. I make a fake mayo out of almond milk and raw cashews. Process them together until they are the consistency of mayo and then add the tuna and spread between fave gluten free bread. My fave lately is Glutina Corn Harvest...I try not to eat yeast but this bread toastly dark is so yummy and then the tuna combo spread between two slices...amazing!

Got back on my bike finally! Hooray! Loved it!

Had a wonderful Mom's Day! Felt so loved! Feel so loved! Truly thankful.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pork and beans...still good.

Even with all the scare over swine flu I made and ate pork n beans and enjoyed them. Thirty years or more ago there was a swine flu scare and I remember people avoiding eating pork back then.
Well, I took out my Easter ham remains from the freezer the other day and boiled it up with a pack of Navy beans and it is delicious. If I never post again you will know that I died of swine flu. But I will have died with a belly full of good food.

A little dark humor to lighten the load of the swine flu hysteria. HUGS