Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Okay...how about you?

I traveled for two weeks and was good about what I ate. I did partake in dairy from time to time, as the icecream was hard to resist. But only once did I knowingly ingest gluten...my son and daughter in law's wedding cake...and the next day I suffered, could not get out of the bathroom for a while (pain, cramps). So, as always I know the risk and the consequence.
Yes, my oldest son met a gal, courted briefly, and they married quickly at the courthouse and we were present. She is lovely, funny, crazy about my son, and loves his four girls...WE ALL WIN! HOORAY!

So yes, that is why I sacrificed my insides with a little wedding cake celebration.

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Karen said...

Oh, I understand this completely. My step-daughter is getting married in February, and I am thinking about whether or not I am going to eat a piece of the cake. However, I found out about a fabulous gluten free bakery near her, and I am also thinking about having them make some gluten free cupcakes so I can have one when everyone else is eating cake. Can't decide what to do.