Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hodgson Mills Gluten-free brownies

I tried Hodgson Mills gluten free brownies and am so pleased with the results. Only change I made was using Spectrum palm oil shortening instead of butter. I chose the chopped nuts version and added warmed organic chocolate mint topping before digging in. It was a delicious treat!

To be honest I tried the Betty Crocker brownie mix but was not pleased with it. I would definitely buy this Hodgson Mills gluten free mix again.


Karen said...

I wasn't crazy about the Betty Crocker brownies either. They were just too "thick" or gummy or something. Thanks for the review on Hodgson Mill.

Lynn Barry said...

That's exactly the way i would describe them...i couldn't figure out why I wasn't wowed by them until I read "thick" or gummy. Enjoy!