Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hashimoto's Disease and being gluten free

After the last 5-6 years of struggling with figuring out what substances I should avoid to feel better, it is rather satisfying to know that eliminating gluten was what I should do not only to feel better but to help my situation...that being the fact I have Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid). Of course I didn't know I had it until I had part of my thyroid removed and the surgeon told me I had it for sure. It was only hinted at over these past five it is my reality.

And what do many doctor's advise their Hashimoto patients to avoid? Gluten, casein, sugar, soy, alcohol, caffeine, many fruits and vegetables that can interfere with thyroid nice to already be in the habit of avoiding a lot of the things on the list...easier than starting it all in one chunk.

Before it was a matter of eliminating to have a better quality of life, and now it is that and much more. I am trying to save my thyroid or reduce symptoms that occur when the thyroid is out of whack.

I wish I discovered this sooner, but better later than never...yup!

life is good.

I have my middle son back around and his dog Chili. All Chili needs is his dry dog food, water, some used chair cushions and an old towel...the dog's life. They have it made.

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