Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rice Grits hot cereal

I am always looking for new products that are gluten free so when I saw brown rice hot cereal made from rice grits I was intrigued. ORGANICE RICE and SHINE by Arrowhead Mills. Stamped Gluten free Wheat free. YEAH! Also USDA Organic. YEAH! again.

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Grits

My only warning is that if you try the micro version take seriously the part about placing the ingredients in a "narrow, tall microwave safe bowl."

I used a four cup glass Pyrex measuring container (see pic) to prepare it in and it still boiled over. I didn't lose much but it was messy. What didn't boil over was satisfying and comforting. There are recipes for a cheese souffle and rice pudding on the package which I will try (using non-dairy, non-soy cheese, of course).

I simply added salt and pepper to mine, nothing else and it was delish!

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