Sunday, December 19, 2010

Corn chowder and Udi's whole grain bagels

I looked in the cupboard and saw two cans of corn and one can of creamed corn and thought...Hmmm corn chowder? why not? usual I googled corn chowder recipes and then made style.

I sauteed chopped onions and celery in shortening and then added cut potatoes, drained cans of corn, creamed corn, chicken broth, pepper, salt, celery salt, minced dried garlic, cayenne pepper, dried parsley. Simmered it until potatoes were soft...ladled it up...and enjoyed it! We all did. And adding a toasted whole grain Udi's bagel topped it off deliciously.

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Lynn said...

I made a sort of "corn chowder" using Goya hominy from a can, do not remember what the other ingredients were, but it was good. Oh, a lot of onion I do remember, very tasty.