Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decaf coffee with hazelnut non-dairy and Udi's goodies

Since I had my thyroid surgery, learned I have Hashimoto's disease, found out all the tea I consumed was not good for me (naturally occurring fluoride), I switched to decaf coffee (caffeine is a no no), I have been experimenting with what to put in it to make it a tasty drink for me. The non-dairy creamers all seem to have casein added which is another no no. MimiCreme isn't bad but...well, suffice it to say I need to avoid sugar too and the unsweetened variety isn't to my liking...then I tried Pacific Natural Foods All Natural Hazelnut non-dairy beverage in my decaf coffee and voila! It's a winner!

Add a Udi's baked goody; bagel, whole grain bread, or blueberry muffin (sugary but once in a while I will indulge) and you'll think you are royalty.

Another good eat I discovered this morning is brown rice grits...but I will discuss these more at length next time. Have a good day!


Diana said...

I never realized just how many foods didn't agree with you. I thought being gluten-free all the time and dairy-free (most of the time) was hard. Thyroid issues run in our family so all the doctors are guessing i'm next. Mom,Grandma and both sisters have thyroid disease.

Great blog and thanks for writing the post.

Diana; My Journey Gluten-Free

Lynn Barry said...

Dear Diana,

Hi! I did not test positive for celiacs but I had been gluten free at the time of testing so I can't be sure BUT I have read that many celiacs have thyroid if celiacs wasn't enough of a burden. oh well...we all shall overome! RIGHT?
Glad to know ya...GOOD LUCK. Let me know how you make out.

jacobithegreat said...

Brown rice grits? I am intrigued!

Lynn Barry said...


Will elaborate tomorrow. YUMMY.