Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to food intolerances

I have not been posting lately and just began to get into the habit again. My revelation: I have to be true to what I know in my heart and bowels works for my innards.

I strayed for a long while thinking I could do dairy at times and it would be okay. I would have cheese now and then and got hooked on white chocolate anything and everything...until I reminded myself the reasons why I eliminated substances in the first place. TO FEEL when I started feeling overly bloated and sluggish and obsessed with finding stores that sold the white chocolate I liked I knew I was headed back down that eat whatever you feel like eating old path I was on for the first fifty years of my life and I vowed I would never go back to that...

What does any of this mean? Back to no dairy/casein again. I am good about no gluten and don't care a hoot about eggs or soy, but was fooling myself that casein wasn't that bad for me...and chocolate...BAD BAD BAD...the sugar is still a BIG problem when I have it...I have to have more more more...I switched to blue agave and even put it on my gluten free waffles with a sprinkle of cinnamon...awesome!

I feel better...sinners stay away...but I have repented now and am crawling out of the hole and into the light of day...ready to stand fast against the FOODS THAT ARE NOT MY FRIENDS!


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Lynn said...

You do have a strict diet to stick to. I have been avoiding soy and butter without a problem but find it very hard to give up all dairy and sugar. Of course, if my symptoms were that bad I would have to. Gluten really bothered my stomach a lot. There are 3 other teachers in my school on either gluten free, dairy free, no soy or sugar diets so I do have company.