Friday, July 17, 2009

Closed for good!

Due to health concerns hubby decided to close the diner for good. NO MORE WAITRESSING...It is exciting to be entering a new phase for both of us...will keep you posted...thanks for reading my blog and being interested in my life. HUGS


Flamenco Mom said...

No more waitressing!! :) I hope all is well with your hubby. Best of luck as you enter a new chapter in your lives. HUGS

Lynn said...

That is a big change for you. I hope everything is OK health wise and that you get to focus on all the things that you want to do.

Caitlin said...

Sooo, to be a lady of leisure now? At least for a while? I do hope those health 'concerns' are only that, and that hubby (and you) will thrive being away from the diner.
You will continue to blog!???

Lynn Barry said...

Thank you ladies!!!! His sugar is way out of control, might have to go on insulin and he has sciatica so it is hard for him to get comfortable...the stress of running the diner is NO MORE!!! yahoo!!!

Blogging? I might even get to do more of it...thanks for your love and support, ladies!


Lynn said...

My sister is insulin dependent and she is one of those people who doesn't really like to eat, especially healthy foods. She will be visiting me for one week soon and our diets will be pretty simple that week.