Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bummy tummy

I have felt pretty good for a long time, so I was not happy that I felt so poorly recently after eating some things I maybe shouldn't have...but I am fine now.

I attended a party and filled my plate up twice...ok so I was HUNGRY but I also nibbled on chocolates that had fallen off the pretzels they were stuck to and Rice Krispie treats that were probably not made with gluten free cereal and two helpings of fruit salad that was delicious but oh so full of stomach cramped and I had to leave the party or risk suffering a fight for the port-o-potty...after a long time in the bathroom my churning tummy settled down...

Oh...I don't often forget to be careful...but now I will resume watching my intake like a watchdog outside a diamond mine.

HUGS and happy healthy choices...cha cha cha!

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Lynn said...

We are so human. Who can be perfect? I had a slice of swiss cheese and felt a little headache coming on but at least I didn't need asprin. Since I am off work for the summer I seem to be doing better. I don't consider my job that stressful but then again, that's why they call it work. This is an uphill battle.