Monday, July 13, 2009

Amazing pancakes!

Googled egg free dairy free pancakes and found a recipe that I love... adapted it a bit of course but wow...yummy!!! and thanks for the lemon sugar suggestion to the blogger I stumbled onto...AMAZING!

I used Bob's Redmill baking mix for the flour, almond milk for the milk, and skipped the vanilla.

Never heard of squeezing lemon juice and sprinking sugar on a pancake...oh baby, it is refreshingly delish!

Two granddaughters were visiting when I decided to try this recipe and they love these pancakes too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad you like the lemon and sugar - it's very common on pancakes here in Australia.

I thought you might also like this blog. Great stories - and pictures and yummy food!

Good luck with finding a publisher for your book.
Take care

Lynn said...

Pancakes are comfort food. I just found a recipe for Swedish Pancakes in Food Network Magazine that I am going to try in a gluten free version. I used to love the Swedish Pancakes at IHOP, so I hope I can recreate the experience. I'll have to look for lingonberry butter in a gourmet shop. Your grand children are cute.

Caitlin said...

All this talk about sugar and lemons is making my lips anticipation. Maybe when I get a kitchen I'll give that combo a try.