Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cinnamon Rice Chex Rock

I had the best cereal ever ... Cinnamon RICE CHEX! I love them love them love them...and yes I might have wanted to marry them if I wasn't already married to the love of my life...37 years last Wednesday!!!!!!

We are in the next phase of our lives...the way we started out...the two of us...our "baby" will be off to college soon and after all these years it will be he and me...I know that is a strange way of expressing it...but then again I am strange...and I love being strange...ya dig?

Saw Funny People yesterday...hilarious/sad mix, fictional tale showing the behind the scenes lives of comedians...Adam Sandler's finest acting job, I think.

Next week all of my sons will be performing together...Brad will play drums for NAVAR...It will be GREAT! Can't wait! Montage Music Hall Rochester August 7th at 8.

Off to get a bowl of Cinnamon Rice Chex with Almond milk. YUM!


Karen said...

Congrats to you on your 37 years! That is an amazing accomplishment these days.

Oh, and I have to say, I just finished a box of those Cinnamon Rice Chex and almost cried when the last one was gone! I don't eat cereal the way most people do--if I put anything at all on it, it will be yogurt. But with the Cinnamon Chex? Straight from the box! They are like little bits of heaven.

Lynn Barry said...

Oh my GOD...I got teary eyed while eating was like CAN IT BE? Can we actually have a tasty gluten free thing to enjoy?

Lynn said...

I have been eating the corn chex, the honey nut and the rice chex so I guess I will have to try the cinnamon. I do use cinnamom sometimes when I cook but it is not one of my favorite flavorings.
Lynn, great picture of you and your husband. It is so refreshing to see happy couples.

Lynn Barry said...

Thanks! I love cinnamon so it is natural for me to like it, but I have not tried the other varieties yet...I will now. HUGS

Li loves David said...

Oh, yes, I must try those. Thanks for reminding me! And happy, happy anniversary! I'm sure you'll get used to being newlyweds (just the two of you) again in no time... ;)


Caitlin said...

About those Rice you really really really love love love them, or are you just still in the honeymoon phase? Or should I say cinnamoon phase...? :o)
Speaking of the honeymoon phase, you and your hubby are definitely going to head into a honeymoon phase when it's just you two. But just so you know ( and you probably already know this) THEY ( the children) never go away for good. And that's a good thing.
Happy Anniversary...whatever phase you are in!

Lynn Barry said...

I hear ya ... and yes, I am excited about it being the two of us has been 34 years of the 37 with kids in the house and yes, I know...mine usually come's all good...good good. HUGS and LOVE, ladies!