Saturday, August 29, 2009


I dropped a few blueberries into the pancake batter I wrote about a while ago and then I rolled up the cooked pancakes with the blueberries in them and it was like eating a blueberry muffin sort of kind of and I liked it.

Spent a week away, visiting my son and granddaughters and then my other son and oh yeah my brother and sis in law and their loved ones...oh what a joy it is to really GET AWAY!

So I did see I was picked for top 100 and I posted the ribbon...I feel special...I don't have celiacs but I might as well have it...THANKS for picking my blog.

I HATE HATE HATE gluten. There, I said it! I should say I HATE HATE HATE what it does to me.



mare said...

You look so young and pretty in that picture and healthy!!!

Lynn Barry said...

Why thank you SO much! you just made my night! HUGS

Lynn said...

I had blueberry walnut pancakes for breakfast several times this past week. They really are good.
You do look nice in that photo. Where was it taken?

Lynn Barry said...

hey Lynn!!!! It was in your neck of the state...walking to the IMPOUND...Pier night in the city...ouch! stayed at my son's on 19th st. HUGS

Lynn said...

Did you get your car towed away? That's terrible. I thought it looked like NYC. I was in Puerto Rico for a week.

Caitlin said...

Congratulations on your achievement in the blogging world!I think your blog is great/top100 because although you include extra fun stuff like family % trips,(which really adds dimension!) you never lose sight of the food part of your 'mission.' Carry on!

Lynn Barry said...

Thanks Cait!

I just ramble and if that's appealing, well...yeah! HUGS