Friday, April 8, 2011

Swedish meatballs w cream of buckwheat

I had a craving for Swedish meatballs so I went online looked over a few recipes and then made my own version. Ground beef Cream of Buckwheat hemp milk grated potatoes grated onions parsley Mix well and form into meatballs...baked them in a 350 deg. oven in a greased baking pan for 20 minutes then I poured a carton of organic nondairy portabello mushroom soup over the meatballs and cooked for 40-60 minutes longer. OMG delish! My father's roots are in Sweden (Axelson) so yah...dus is


Anonymous said...

How funny Lynn! The other night I made Salsbury Steak, gluten free of course. I had around a pound and half of ground beef so the four steaks were large. DH and I couldn't finish ours and last night we had a left over night and the boys ate what we had left.

The oldest was telling me he wanted Swedish Meatballs. And I told him this was pretty close. (they are) He started talking like a Swede saying he wanted some meatballs!

Funny how lives so far apart can be so similar.


BTW: I need to get a copy of Puddles and BJOYFL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, instead of buckwheat I used mild soaked gluten free oats.

Anonymous said...

milk :/

Lynn Barry said...

Hey buddy!
Salisbury steak...yum! thanks for stopping by. I had the leftover three meatballs for lunch today..yummo! HUGS

Mike Eberhart said...

Lynn, that sounds like a lovely combination of ingredients that should lead to a flavor-explosion. yummy. I love the taste of portabellas, though I'd probably be "bad" and use real CREAM instead of the non-dairy version :)

Another poster mentioned using GF oats as an option -- sounds like a neat idea too.