Sunday, July 8, 2012

All set now... I am back...just had to update browser.

It has been a long time since I was active on this blog. I spend most of my Internet time on facebook. I need to return to blogging. I know that. So here I am again at what started out as a place to connect with others who are gluten intolerant...since that time I have so much more going on than gluten intolerance that it at times has been overwhelming, but that's okay, I am thankful for the knowledge and medical attention to what I now know is Hashimoto's disease. I HAVE HASHIMOTO'S DISEASE!

Gluten is out, I have known that for years now and always suspected dairy was not my friend either, but it has really gone way beyond those two offending substances that it is more of a question of what can I ingest and feel good inside and out.

I have tried or shall I pretended that certain alternative foods are fine and dandy for me, but with each passing day I discover new things that bother me and look for other alternatives to the alternatives.

These days I stick to white rice, some brown rice in products (Udi's bagels and breads), rice milk, make morning vegetable juice out of romaine lettuce, cukes, and celery, lots of water, herbal teas, salads but no nightshade vegetables and very few goitrogens (usually cooked if i do have them), white corn as opposed to yellow, no soy, no eggs (occasionally in baked goods), lot of fish, no red meat, no nuts, no fruit, and lots of gratitude for finally knowing what is wrong with me and getting help with it.

I take .175 Levothyroixine six days a week and on the seventh no pill. i take a probiotic and vitamin D daily.

I have regular visits with an endocrinologist and sonograms of my thyroid every six months.

There you have it...good to be back! Some foods are not my friends...but some are. I will survive!

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