Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back on the bike again...

I finally TOOK the time to take a long bike ride. I had only been on my bike once this year and rode about 4 miles. I rode nine miles yesterday and it was wonderful. The fresh air smells, two turtles by the side of the road, and the lovely colors of wild flowers and lush green grass. Heavenly.

Eating is under control. I slipped and ate icecream for a few days about a week ago and had stomach problems and a few facial breakouts so I stopped. Sometimes I have to remind myself why I have given up so many substances and then I get back into the groove of avoidance, substitution, and feeling oh so GOOD!

Happy whatever day it is you might be reading this. Life is GOOD!


Lynn said...

Riding a bike is so enjoyable. I plan to start riding on the boardwalk in a few weeks. It is only 1 block from my house and not crowded so I don't wear a helmet.
I guess I'm vain plus it feels too hot. And I don't ride fast. I don't even count it as exercise so I plan to start walking as well. Keep up the good work.

Caitlin said...

I am just now today catching up with your posts from a while ago. I moved into a new home and have lost track! I have been eating in restaurants due to my remodeling of the kitchen, but have been fairly good about careful eating. Beggars can't be choosers, but I am choosing as close to healthy as I can, and seem to be faring ok.
I am so impressed by how much you ride and enjoy it. My old home had lots of straight, wide safe street to ride bikes on, but now I'm on a hill with bumps & busy-ness, so I won't be riding any time soon. Come to think of it, I never rode my bike over there, either. lol.

Lynn Barry said...

Hey Caitlin,

Congrats on the new home. I have moved around a lot and have stayed in this house (6 years) the longest since I have been married.
Thanks for the kind words about my bike riding. It took me a few years to get the nerve to try riding more than a few loops around one block, but it is freeing and a real adventure each time. The stretch I ride on is for the most part flat and wide shoulders so it is enjoyable. Good luck! Good job with the eating out with care. HUGS


Thanks for the encouragement! Riding on the boardwalk sounds like fun. Enjoy! Keep up the good work with moving the body activities. YOU GO! HUGS

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