Sunday, January 1, 2012

Redbridge Rocks!

I have not had a beer in over 25 years...I quit drinking that long ago for a variety of reasons and never was one to drink much but I did like beer now and then. Well, I've been gluten free for about seven years and had heard of gluten free beer but never tried one until last night when I tried REDBRIDGE gluten free beer. it was delicious and tasted just like I remembered beer tasted. I will have one now and then...because I can and because it tastes GRRRRRREAT!

Another new thing in my gluten free life is going to UNO's and ordering off their gluten free menu....THANK YOU, UNO's!



bjwalsh said...

I like Redbridge too. It has good flavor and it is not too hoppy! People often ask me (while waiting in line at Wegmans) if Redbridge is any good... yeah!!

Lynn Barry said...

outstanding! thanks for stopping by!