Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello again!
I have not posted since the Summer of 2012. I could not access this site for some reason and stopped trying. I tried today and was able to get on so I will be blogging once again.
I find being gluten free, casein free ( I do some cheese on gf pizza because I got tired of trying the alternatives and not being pleased), soy free, egg free, and for the most part vegan with some meat, chicken, and fish slipping in when I order out and there are soups or dishes that are not vegan.
I embarked on this trying to be vegan regime after ending up in the ER with stomach pains and noticing that for days after that I only had vegetables and rice and did not have meat, fish, or poultry and felt better. I guess I would call what I do...plant based diet.
I am looking forward to getting back to blogging. I have missed it. I spend time at facebook, but this site has been wonderfully cathartic and helpful  to me in the past so here I am...back again!

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