Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Been a while...

For a while I could not get on this blog, but this time I was able to so here goes...
Tried vegan lifestyle plus gluten free and soy free...felt pretty good but it got so boring I slipped into flexitarian which means I tried to eat plant based but occasionally had non-plant foods.
At the moment I am still gluten free and will always be. soy is not my friend still and eggs and I try my best to be dairy free too...but I missed broiled fish and do have pork and chicken and a little beef, ground mostly in chili or sauces. Life is good, I still take thyroid meds and always will. I get tested every few months...can't lose weight and don't obsess about it.
I love Udi's plain white bread toasted and hard cider if I want alcohol for a change. I do drink regular coffee. My guilty pleasure is having a caramel frappe (no whipped cream or drizzle) from McDonald's.
Hoping that whoever might read this is happy with their food and beverage choices and their quality of life has been improved by what they ingest. HAPPY is a choice!

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