Monday, August 18, 2014

better day

Returning to plant based has helped so I proved I can have non plants but should limit them.
oh...the journey to feel the best I can feel is NEVER DULL!

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Bridgette Campbell said...

Hi Lynn,

I completely understand your frustration. I have celiac and would like to share my story with you and let you know about something that I think could revolutionize your life and help relieve these symptoms that are so discouraging. I have found something that drastically reduced my recovery time when I've inadvertently gotten gluten (ha! As if I would ever eat gluten now on purpose!) I have learned that my recovery time is about 3 days characterized by a unique burning in my stomach, tingling hands and feet, as well as nausea, diarrhea, extreme fatigue and an intense headache.

I got glutened about 8 months ago the night before going on a 4 day weekend trip. I was so sad to think about missing the trip, but riding in a car is quite a challenge when I've had gluten (as I'm sure you know). I was desperate enough to try anything, so I called a friend who sells a drink called KETO//OS that puts ketones in your body-which puts it into ketosis almost immediately. I didn't know what any if that meant at the time, but I tried it. By the next morning I felt good enough to try riding in a car. I normally was unable to eat for most of the three days, but within 24 hours of having the KETO//OS I was able to eat a little, and I was feeling almost back to normal by the 2nd day.

Some asked if it was maybe a fluke; I didn't think it was because my symptoms had been the same each time I got gluten before July, and as you know, these things don't improve with time!! I continued on the drink and my body kept getting stronger with the cumulative effects of sustained ketosis. Two months later, I got gluten again. This time, I got a significant amount. I was out and hungry with few food options. So I got a Slim Jim. I was picturing it like a beef jerky/meat option which I knew didn't have gluten. I stupidly didn't check the label until I was nearly finished with it! Wheat flour was one of the ingredients. I spit out my last bite but was mentally preparing for days of misery. My hands and feet tingled some, I got a little headache, but that was ALL! I ate Mexican for dinner that night and did fine!

I am thrilled with this new discovery that has been life changing and wanted you to know about it so you can experience a better life and help others as well because of your platform. I would like to challenge you to try this for 30 days to see what life feels like again when you can eat out without fear and be in social settings without feeling like a weirdo. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t experience big changes with this drink. So there is no risk to trying it but so much to gain!

I would love to tell you more about this. Please let me know if you are interested. Keto is a way of fueling your body differently that is providing incredible results for people all across the country and now the world.