Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chinese taco pizza

I was experimenting and took some soft corn tortillas and deep fried them, then deep fried some cut cabbage, onions, and celery, and cashews and put it all together in what looked like pizzas. I topped them with a little ricemilk mozzarella, zapped it all in the micro for 30 seconds and drizzled garlic pepper sauce on top. It was hard to eat like a taco, looked like a pizza and had Chinese food flavors...international dish. It was great and the fun part was being creative with it.

In a week my family members will be arriving and I am really looking forward to it. Turkey and stuffing (a portion made my way)and all the usuals will be enjoyed by all. There will be joisting and jesting and that is always enjoyed by all too.

Lots to be thankful for...HUGS


Karen said...

i am making a chicken and some cornbread stuffing, a sweet potato casserole and maybe some green beans. And that will be it. I think just me, FabGrandpa, and our friends Lynda and Charlie. I am really looking forward to it.

Lynn Barry said...

That sounds wonderful, Karen.
We will have the usual fare, but with rockers in the house and a studio out back it is anything but "traditional" when they come home...hehe