Thursday, November 20, 2008

RICE DREAM apologizes

I sent a letter to RICE DREAM asking if they still offer the RICE DREAM icecream I like and not the ORGANIC with agave syrup type and they apologized for not pleasing me with the new variation.
Oh well...who needs a treat any ways...LOL

I researched removing particle board over plaster walls yesterday since I removed wallpaper and found particle board...ugh...I found it quite stimulating actually and I have not been known for getting into home improvements. WHO KNEW? This Old House message board frequenter even...

Well...that's about all I've got for today. More snow...more cold...hey, it's NOVEMBER! I am slapping myself with a little reality check about living in western NY.



Dana Wax said...

"apologized to me for not pleasing me with their new variation"

Ha! I laughed aloud! Some polite folks over there at rice dream, huh?

Lynn Barry said...

I thought the same thing...JUST GIVE ME MY RICE DREAM!!!!! I WANT MY RICE DREAM!!! lol