Thursday, December 3, 2009

Amy's Soups!

I received a package today. It was free soup from Amy's Soups. It was addressed to me and Free to Eat which was my original blogsite. I no longer have that blog, I replaced it with this one, but I am delighted that I am still in Amy's database.
I received three cans of soup and a nice tote bag. I am very grateful, especially since the soup I tried today is really delicious. I hoped I would be able to report that, and am glad I can. The flavors and textures were so pleasing to me I keep moaning, "oh...ah..." It is that good, if you like brown rice and legumes and veggies and whatever the spices is delish!


Lynn said...

Yes, Amy's products are usually pretty good. They sell them in Whole Foods and a lot of health stores around here. I printed out a list of GF products from General Mills, there are several GF canned soups. High sodium but good to have in the house for a lazy day.

Lynn Barry said...

I agree. I had another can of Amy's soup and enjoyed it very much.