Sunday, November 22, 2009

air popped corn

I utilized my bowl in the microwave popcorn method for months but when the bowl cracked I stopped doing it that way...actually our microwave oven was not working I bought a hot air popper and have been pleased with the results. I air pop the corn and use Spectrum shortening (palm oil) instead of butter for melting and add a little's great!

I have been doing sit ups and push ups and working with 5 pound weights to hopefully tone my arms.

I have written 60,000 words so far on my current novel. It is going very well.

Sticking to my regime but one day I ate some cake (not gluten free) and icecream and man did I suffer...won't do that again...felt so sick...ugh...proved again that what I am doing is what is right for me...HUGS

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Lynn said...

NO GLUTEN ALLOWED! I got sick one time from ice cream and gluten free apple pie after a gluten free pork chop dinner so we know how sensitive our bodies are.