Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I just had King crab legs and scallops and water. WOW! What a treat. I then had vanilla RICE DREAM and pecans...WOW OH WOW! I found some RICE DREAM that I like, not the new improved organic with agave syrup stuff.
Life is pretty sweet. Make that really sweet...I had a blast with my sons and granddaughters and hubby and parents over the holidays.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Good eating and feeling goodness to all who read this!


caitlin said...

I'm just playing catch up with your blog; Christmas and New Years always seem to zone me out for a couple of weeks...and it's not just cuz I might be eating things I shouldn't be,
Something kind of interesting to me was your use WOW OH WOW! Oddly enough my son Gabriel will use that phrase when he's upset with something I do- it has to be something really super duper for him to use it, but "WOW, OH, WOW, MOM!!!!" seems to be the chide of choice. I'm glad to see you use it in a MM MMM good kind of way, happy that you found a palatable Rice Dream.

Lynn Barry said...

I think it is in vogue and is something Borat says in his movie...I hear ya about the zone is the busyness and the emotional side of everything that is going on around me that has me zoning out. HUGS