Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thanks again, Bob!

I made teff pancakes/flatbread and all I have to say is THANKS AGAIN, Bob!
Go to the Bob's Redmill website if you want the recipe. ENJOY!


Li loves David said...

Yum! Love teff, and anything made with it. Hugs & Happy New Year!

Lynn Barry said...

I am beginning to love it too. My son has a friend from Ethiopia and that is how I got turned on to the grain. I ate a leftover pancake/flatbread this morning and it reminded me of brown bread and I have missed brown bread...HUGS

caitlin said...

Bob has really great products, but sadly, I cannot tolerate any rice or corn, in addition to the other 'safe' grains, including teff. That's not to say I don't have any of these products in my house, but I use them very rarely, and accept the consequences when I do. Sometimes, you just have to indulge, you know?