Monday, January 12, 2009

March of the pumpkins...

My granddaughters remember the day I misspoke and asked them if they had seen "March of the Pumpkins" and we have joked about it ever since.
I saw a pumpkin cookie recipe on the back of Bob's Redmill millet flour package and knew I had to try it. The only thing I was not thrilled about was the eggs but I used them any ways. I know about egg substitutes but I just went ahead and used the eggs...I used brown rice syrup instead of honey and did not use raisins or molasses and did not have cinnamon or ginger in the house but I did have the nutmeg and then I thought why not use ground cloves, so I did and voila...oh yeah I used chopped walnuts for the nut option...again, voila! Good cookies. And you know what...those pumpkin cookies marched right into my mouth easily.



caitlin said...

Bob definitely has great recipes on the backs of his goods. I want to try the hazelnut flour pie crust real soon. I ate the last of the grain products I had in the house a few days ago, and so I'll be sticking with nut flours from now on. I'm committed to SCD!

Lynn Barry said...

Interesting...I think you are on to a good thing... I might just follow you with that regime. GOOD LUCK! HUGS

Lynn said...

You are very creative with your substitutions when baking and cooking. I'm planning to make a date nut bread with Pamela's GF baking mix. I'm not a big fan of dates but i remember Thomas' Date Nut Bread as being delicous, so i'm going to give it a try with out a recipe to follow. Wish me luck.

Lynn Barry said...

GOOD LUCK! I like dates but they don't always agree with me, also raisins or any dried fruit.
Let me know how you made out.