Monday, February 23, 2009

I feel good...

Gluten NO
Casein NO
Soy NO
Eggs NO
Fructose NO
Yeast NO
Citrus NO
Acidic NO
Chocolate NO
Sulfites NO

I think I covered the NO list for me...and I have been faithful so yeah! = I feel good!

The one exception is a daily powdered (mix with hot water) cappucino beverage. I feel good...I didn't say I was perfect.



Absolutely Not Martha said...

hi! just wanted to mention that I’m doing a post about favorite gluten free food products on absolutely not martha. I’d LOVE to hear what yours is--just leave me a comment (if you haven’t already).

caitlin said...

I understand completely. I feel wonderful on my 'regime', but every now and then I want a little something extra. I have a small bag of Peanut M&M's in the cupboard. I have maybe a third of a bag a day, and so it'll last me a few days. Or maybe I'll have a piece of GF-but-non SCD cake or cookie just for the taste. I'm not one to have 'a taste' trigger a major binge. You know, like in Reefer Madness where one puff sends people on these rampages? LOL.

Lynn Barry said...

Caitlin...I can't have a bag of candy and eat a few pieces I HAVE TO EAT ALL OF IT UNTIL IT IS GONE AND I ULTIMATELY DON'T ENJOY IT!Nice that you can control your guilty pleasure...HUGS

Absolutely Not Martha said...

thanks, lynn, for telling me your gf fave!