Sunday, January 23, 2011

Exercising and Eliminating

You might think this is a blog about ingestion and digestion, but it is about the total YOU too...I used to think that was a bunch of hooey...I would sit on the couch and flick to exercise channels and think it might feel good to get off the couch and actually exercise but the idea would pass as I flicked to another station.

Well, I have been taking 10-15 min. a day to myself now and doing exercises in the privacy of my newly renovated room and I get IS about the total YOU. Feel good, get that body moving and stretching and take the time to look in the mirror, with or without clothing but it is eye opening to really take a good look at the unclothed you before exercising and getting dressed...the TOTAL YOU. I am still doing 25 situps but am up to 15 pushups...holy wow, I could barely (yes, the naked reference is accurate)do 4 when I started and am up to 15...YES!!!!

So exercising...check...and eliminating foods that might aggravate the autoimmune disease is a daily routine and I FEEL GREAT ABOUT IT!

Had buckwheat pancakes again and threw in a few blueberries this time. Yummy!

Hubby being a diabetic we just started looking at the Glycemic Index in different foods and I am pleased that he googled GI and signed up for some website to learn more about GI and how it effects our insides. YAHOO...THE TOTAL YOU!

HURRAH HURRAH...cheerleading myself on to THE TOTAL BETTER ME!

YO YO! Have a good one!


jacobithegreat said...

Yay! I love this post- so inspiring! I'm glad you're feeling great!

Lynn Barry said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! AFter years of trial and error and more trial I am in the best place I can be...knowing and behaving in ways that help is the way to go to find peace and good health. HUGS And LOVE