Friday, March 27, 2009

Do you have a problem with your memory?

Several doctors have mentioned to me that I should see an endocrinologist. Several bloodtests have shown that I might have hypothyroidism, or a low functioning thyroid. I finally did get an appointment, so off I went. She has put me on Synthroid. She asked me a lot of questions and one of them was, "Do you have a problem with your memory?" To this I enthusiastically shook my head and said, "Yes!"

My kids range from 33 down to 17 and I often tell my 17 year old, "I used to be a lot sharper." So after taking this miracle pill for a while we will put this to the test. I will let you know.

Happy day! HUGS


caitlin said...

I certainly hope the Synthroid works. I take Levothyroxine, and they recently had to up the dose. Do you drink tap water? I read that the fluoride & chlorine in tap water can affect thyroid.

Lynn Barry said...

I do drink tap water. I have a Brita purifier hooked up to the faucet, but hmmm that's interesting. I heard that soy messes with the thyroid, but I avoid soy so that does not apply to me. I really do feel more energized and better in general already. Thanks for the info.

Karen said...

Jim has been taking Synthroid since 2005 for his thyroid problem. They do bloodwork every 6 months and change the dosage from time to time, depending on the results of the blood tests. That is normal for them to do.

His thyroid was damaged by the radiation treatments for his cancer. One of the main symptoms he had, that he complained about for months before we knew what the problem was, was what he called "brain fog", he wasn't thinking clearly. That all changed after he started taking the med.

They started him out with a very low dosage, and upped it every two weeks until they got it where it needed to be. But, his TSH was 85, where normal is .5 to 3.5 with the higher the number, the sicker you are. It took several months for him to feel better, he was in the hospital for 4 days and out of work for 7 weeks.

Lynn Barry said...


holy Cow! WOW! Take care of one health problem, get literally zapped with another. I am so glad to read that he is okay now and they fixed him up.
Yes, I thought it was my getting older kind of stuff and was so glad there was a little pill I could take that would help me feel better on the inside and especially in the brain fogging dept.
Thanks for sharing your hubby's story. HUGS