Monday, March 23, 2009

mac n cheese yum

I have been posting the heck out of gf cf mac n cheese attempts but I have to post one more. I rinsed raw cashews, then soaked them for a little while in purified water, drained them and blended them with purified water and a pinch of sea salt.
I cooked Schar penne pasta and then tossed it into the cashew cheese with some cracked black pepper and a little pinch more of sea salt and some paprika. I covered the bowl and refrigerated it. Today I scooped out a portion of the mixture into a bowl and microwaved it for 2 minutes. It looked like man n cheese and reminded me of mac n cheese so for me it IS mac n cheese...voila!

I have entered two writing working on my seventh novel...going slow, but still working on other words I have not gotten past page one (keep starting over)...groan...working at the diner six nights a week...think that's what has zapped my enthusiasm out of blogging lately but I am going to make myself get into it again...doing very well with eating the right-for-me things and recently really believe fructose is a major no no for me along with all the other no nos so I am off fruit and really reading labels closely.



sonia sin gluten said...

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your friend


Absolutely Not Martha said...

hi! thought you may like to check out today's celiac spotlight on ANM.

caitlin said...

Actually, this comment is about two of your posts...first, you can post as many mac & cheese'recipe' as you want. I never get tired of mac and cheese...any way you slice it! I also send you good luck wishes towards the contests.
This comment is also about your memory post (up the road)...I thought I had already posted a comment about the mac & cheese, but I guess I forgot

Lynn Barry said...


You are a riot...thanks for making me smile, heck I laughed out loud after reading your post.
You don't seem to have a blog, I am confused. I go to your profile and there are several blogs listed. Am I missing something? Is there a place I can read a blog of yours? Thanks HUGS

Karen said...

I love Shar products. And mac and cheese, mac and cash, call it whatever you want to call it, it's your call.

Lynn Barry said...

Karen...thanks, dear...I truly amd addicted to this mac n cash. gotta have it daily! HEHE