Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glutano Tea Biscuits

Found a great treat, Glutano Tea Biscuit. I had never tried this product before but I will be buying it again. Delish!

I woke up with a sore foot. Not sure what that's about. I guess waitressing doesn't help, being on my feet more than usual.

Still trying to get an agent. Same record, or cd running...somedayIwillgetone...



caitlin said...

Are your shoes too tight? ( I'm sure you're wearing good sturdy shoes and sox.) Half the time when I have an ache or pain,I can't remember what caused it. I was trying to stop a runaway Golden Retriever for my VERY OLD neighbor lady; I had a good hold of him, and then he yanked right out of my hand. I bet I'll feel it tomorrow.

Lynn Barry said...


I actually had on Crox but I hear ya. Any change can make a change. I was wondering if it is gout...ouch! Or arthritis. When I ice it is feels better and of course staying off it. THANKS! HUGS