Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finding out that I can't eat everything has been the best find of my life.

I used to eat everything in sight. I never worried about what I was putting into my mouth. When people fussed about eating I thought they were a bit uptight. Well, I may have put everything in my mouth but it came with a price. I had headaches, depression, itchy red blisters on my face, could not sit still, could not concentrate, spent my childhood constipated, bloated...well...you can see that eating everything and not thinking about the connection between what I ingested and what it was doing inside of me, resulted in poor quality of life.

When I was in my 20s I figured I might not tolerate milk so I slowed down on dairy. It seemed to help the constipation situation, but I still had the other problems and as the years passed, the problems seemed to get worse. It was not until my 50s that I finally saw the light...I had to have a large kidney stone lithotripsied and kept feeling terrible, so I put my symptoms in a google search on the Internet and that was the beginning of the end of feeling lousy all the time.

I started with eliminating gluten, seriously eliminating all dairy products and anything with casein, and over the past few years have added other eliminations to my list: soy, corn, yeast, potatoes, anything acidic, seeds, sulfite, eggs, sugar, and chocolate.

This has been an exhaustive lengthy process but one that has literally saved my life, sanity, and insides, I believe. It is a tough road, but a road worth traveling if you suffer with side effects to eating everything and anything... when you shouldn't. It is worth it for me...My choices are limited, but I don't mind because I feel great, for the most part, and feeling great is much better than feeling terrible.


Fab Grandma said...

Me too, me too, me too. And I feel better, too.

Lynn Barry said...

Thanks for stopping in at my new blogsite...I am so glad I discovered I can't eat everything, life is so much sweeter now. HUGS

Lea Ray said...

Glad to see that you are back. I'm always afraid that I'm going to lose my site. Hopefully Ryan has everything backed up on his server for me.

Hope the weather is better where you are right now. It sounds like we live in the tundra or something right now. The wind is terrible down here.

Welcome Back!

Lynn Barry said...

It is nasty here, cold...and I guess more snow is expected...UGH! I hope you don't lose your site...if the worst happens, be like me and just start over. HUGS

Flamenco Mom said...

I'm discovering that when I eat certain foods I really feel like...crap. I guess I never thought about foods' effects on me because I was always worried about my kids' food intolerances. Who knew?

Glad you're back. HUGS

Lynn Barry said...

Flamenco mom,
I never thought about it at all because I always felt like crap...I know now that we don't have to feel like crap...it takes a bit of detective work though...HUGS