Thursday, March 27, 2008

First time trying beans and rice for breakfast.

I love beans and rice. I simply make Minute Rice and add drained canned beans to it and I think it's the greatest. Well, this morning, since I don't do eggs and sometimes don't feel like having fruit, seldom buy gluten free cereals anymore, I was frustrated about what to have for eyes landed on the bowl of rice and the bowl of black beans in the fridge and I thought, "Why the heck not." I mixed and microwaved and I was in heaven...easy on the tummy and always a treat for my tastebuds.

I am ready to write another chapter...novelists need good eats...tapping away at the keyboard is exhausting.


Dianne said...

Good luck with the book Lynne, although I didnt know you were writing one

Nice breakie!


Lynn Barry said...

Ah yes, actually this is the sixth novel I have written. THANKS!

Flamenco Mom said...

Oh, how I love black beans and rice! Sounds delicious.

Hope your writing is going well. HUGS

Lynn Barry said...

Flamenco mom,
I knew I would get a thumbs up comment from you on the beans and rice. Thanks for the encouragement with my writing. HUGS

Fab Grandma said...

I like sauteed veggies for breakfast. And if I have it, I love squash casserole for breakfast.

Lynn Barry said...

What a fab idea. I never thought outside the cereal box before...Thanks! HUGS