Monday, March 31, 2008

Popped corn

One of the food items I stay away from is corn, but since I have eliminated so many items and was craving something crunchy I popped a kettle of corn and other than the oil it was popped in and a sprinkle of sea salt afterwards there was nothing else added to it.

I will continue to avoid corn products, with one exception...plain popcorn. A little nibble here and there and pop! It was and is a great snack.

I visited my GI Doctor and I am no longer on the acid reflux meds and have lost weight over the course of time that I have been eliminating foods and working at feeling the best I can feel and he was impressed with me...pop pop pop...I am impressed with the NEW ME too.


Lea Ray said...

That's my supper most nights. I love popcorn. Hopefully that is never taken away from me. And now Allie wants it too. She's fun to share it with.

Lynn Barry said...

AHHHHH so cute...can she catch it in her furry mouth if you toss it? HUGS