Sunday, March 30, 2008

Free To Eat is now Some Foods Are Not My Friends

For those on the gluten free aggregator who knew my blog as FREE TO EAT it is now SOME FOODS ARE NOT MY FRIENDS.

Yes, I dumped free to eat in a manic moment but have no regrets at all. I am starting anew and like springtime it is a time to let the buds appear and let new life blossom...LOL...looking outside my window I laugh because I thought spring had sprung and instead MAMA NATURE played a cruel joke and dumped a bunch of snow on us...but that's okay, it is pretty and this too shall pass and so it is with life...we dump something and then we go on... Back in full swing and looking forward to everything! HUGS

1 comment:

bjwalsh said...

I wondered what happened to you...
Glad to find you again!