Friday, July 18, 2008

Jenny O!

I had a Jenny O natural turkey burger for lunch and it was delish! The ingredients state "turkey and flavorings" so I am psyched! Until I learn those flavorings are not for me I will be having a lot more of these burgers. I just grilled it on my on the top of the stove cast iron griddle for four minutes on a side, right from the freezer. How easy is that? I out it in a corn tortilla wrap with a little mustard and lettuce and oh was yummy!

High humidity today so I imagine I will be having some RICE DREAM with pecans later...yes, I still LOVE IT! I already brewed some decaf green tea so I should be all to watch THE YOUNG AND THE one and only soap...LOVE IT!

PS this just in...I got an e-mail from Jenny O and the flavoring is ROSEMARY...yeah!


Karen said...

Looks like we have another option. Turkey burgers sound good.

Lynn Barry said...

I am pleased to have this option too. I had gotten tired of ground beef burgers and this is a wonderful change. HUGS

Nutty Meatfruit said...

In related news ... I got this mail from Jennie-O in January 2007 :)

"Thank you for contacting us about JENNIE-O TURKEY STORE Turkey Bacon.

Smoke Flavoring-a natural smoking process, where the product is subjected to the actual smoke from burning wood.

Consumer Response Specialist

Ref # 1434166"

She also says ...

"No sugar in the product.

Thank You,
Consumer Response Specialist"

Lynn Barry said...

Hey Nutty...good news! HUGS