Thursday, July 3, 2008

Butter pecan without the butter...yum!

I love eating RICE DREAM, a substitute for dairy icecream, and love that it has no sugar, how do they do that...and recently I started putting whole pecans in my bowl of RICE DREAM...makes it taste like butter pecan icecream, without the butter/dairy factor...I hear myself moaning with glee as I eat this. I just keep the bag of pecans in the freezer and when I get the urge I pull out the bag and the container of RICE DREAM and seconds later I am moaning away...

Visits with the granddaughters have been heavenly...the whole gang = two sons, hubby, all the granddaughters, and me had a blast at Fantasy Island Amusement park the other day... and the fun keeps a'rollin'...I will enjoy them as much as I can before they head south again...summer fun! YEAH!

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Karen said...

mmmm, what a good idea!