Saturday, August 2, 2008

Garden fresh green tomatoes

"Hey Fannie Flagg, how do ya like these green tomatoes?"

I love the movie FRIED GREEN TOMATOES...and I am going to fry some up tonight. I don't eat tomatoes, but I might just have to take an acid reflux med. and try them...I walked out back and sure enough we actually HAVE some tomatoes now...fabulous!

We also have a piano now...the people next door were getting rid of it and asked if we wanted it is in our garage...waiting to be played...fantastic!

And my mom had successful cataract surgery so yeah for MOM!

Oh yeah...and another agent wanted to read 50 pages of my book...fingers and toes are crossed...hugs


the veggie paparazzo said...

I lurve me some fried green tomatoes, which I make with cornmeal and grits--no other flours--and dipping the salted, lightly sugared green tomato slices in hemp milk and then the cornmeal/grits mixture.

And I grew up about 20 minutes from the Whistle Stop Cafe. :)

Lynn Barry said...

AWESOME! I will have to give your recipe a try...thanks! Sounds delish! toot toot! HUGS