Wednesday, August 13, 2008

okie dokie

The painting is done except for the occasional holiday I see that will need touching up...and I am on to another room...hey, we've lived here for five years which is the longest we have lived in one house in our 36 years of marriage so I guess I can work on the rooms without wondering when we are packing up, we are not gypsies, not wanted by the law...just jobs and opportunities took us to new places and that meant a new home every few years.

As for eating, I ate grits and bacon and green tea for breakfast, Rice Dream and pecans for lunch (so sue me, it is just rice, water, with no sugar, and nuts...good lunch), and chicken and baked potato and cucumbers and peaches for dinner...good day of eating!

The guys are coming home this weekend to play two shows in the area, one in Olean and one in Rochester (go to NAVAR.NET for more info.)...ROCK ON NAVAR!

Tom will be having surgery in the morning...I will be in the waiting room...waiting...HUGS


Flamenco Mom said...

I'm glad to see your kitchen turned out so well. The yellow certainly gives it a cheery look. I hope you'll get to visit with the boys this weekend.

I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way. I hope all goes well for Tom tomorrow. HUGS

Lynn Barry said...

Thank you my are a sweetheart. Are you relaxing at all? I hope so. HUGS

Mike Eberhart said...

Congrats on the home improvement projects. Nice to see you are keeping busy. 36yrs in one house - you have me beat by a wide margin, but we are in our original house still. Well, have fun and all!

Lea Ray said...

I love the color. I've thought about doing my kitchen in yellow. I bought paint for my bedroom 3 months ago and now I can't get the ambition to empty the room. The snow will be flying soon, I'd better get it done soon.