Monday, September 21, 2009

Breakfast challenge

I get bored with breakfast so this morning I slapped myself (not really) and tried to think outside the gluten free cereal pancake plopping box and peeled a potato, sliced it thinly and cut a little onion and green pepper and while I cooked a few strips of bacon I cooked the veggies in the grease...meanwhile I microwaved a bowl of grits ... voila...a change from my usual...I ate it before I thought to take a pic...use your imagination...and while we are talking about imagination, I am really into the newest novel I am writing; this one is really sticking...I WILL FINISH THIS ONE because I want to find out what!

Brad has been away at college for two weeks now and is loving it. And we are all adjusted to our kid-free life...everyone is happy!!! and Gonzo the Chinese Water Dragon is probably a female so we are beginning to call her "Gonzolita"...enjoy the pic of MISS "G" lookin' at YOU! HUGS


Karen said...

She is um, very green. Have you tried gluten free cinnamon rice chex? They are very yummo.

How have you been? I have been busy so haven't had much time to read the blogs I follow, I have missed you!

Lynn Barry said...

HI KAREN!!!!! I havew tried those yummy them.
I have missed you too...LOVE YOUR PRETTY photo scenes...must not ever get tired of your views...HUGS

Lynn said...

I haven't had much success when I tried to use the bacon grease to cook in, even the eggs. In fact, I don't buy bacon because it is so messy and does make my stomach grumble. I do eat it once and a while when I am out. It sure is good but definately one of those things I need to eat in moderation.

Lynn Barry said...

I don't do well with it alone. That is partly why I had the grits...need something to sop up the grease when it is all digesting...HUGS