Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Empty Nest

We did it...we emptied our parental nest...all gone...just the two of us...the last is gone...as sad as it has been for me, being a career mom, seeing how happy our baby was at college yesterday in his own place made it easier for me to let go. I will miss his daily hugs, but thank God for texts and e-mails and calls...he is the type who will keep in touch...so yeah...ah...on to the next phase of our lives...hey hubby!!! wanna play cards? Hopefully I won't drive him nutso...hehe

Think I will reheat some of my pancakes and have some peppermint tea and think about what to do that does not require thinking about what someone else is doing or not doing or waiting to hear someone say, "MOM!...oh boy, this might take a while...HUGS


Lynn said...

Your son's room looks nice, too big for a dorm room! Is it off campus? Is he going to school in NY? Close enough to come home with the laundry?

Caitlin said...

Yep, that empty nest scenario is certainly a good news bad news kind of thing, but it is nice to not have to constantly reply to the 'MOM!' My son & daughter both live about 25 minutes away from me, and it's nice to know they're close by, but not in my face. It does get lonely however, as I do not have a husband to take up the lonely slack! Two cats and a dog just don't cut it...

Lynn Barry said...

Lynn and Caitlyn,
I am adjusting nicely adter one week. We text now and then and he posts at facebook a lot, calls now and then. He sounds happy and ambitious and I am so thrilled for him. As for hubby and me we are getting so used to it, if he does EVER come home again (hehe) we might have OUR style cramped...lol

Thanks for your thoughts and sharings...Brad is 1 1/2 hours away, the student housing he is in is also a hotel so that is why it is larger. He is about a mile from the campus. Laundry is up to him.
You guys are wonderful. HUGS