Friday, February 18, 2011

All the way...

Every time I read something that makes sense to me about my Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism I obviously want to try it out. This mindset has encouraged me to eliminate a whole host of substances I never thought I would not be ingesting anymore...and what is the end result? Feeling better and reducing inflammation and a poor quality of seems extreme, many people ask me how I do is Why Not do it for me.

So I bake with buckwheat flour...tapioca, coconut, and almond flours can be added in limited doses...I use nut milks but am going to try hemp milk since I am not so sure tree nuts are ok...(WHAT NOW??? LOL)...I eat any and all meats and, but limited shellfish...about the only fruit I eat is an apple, once in a while a banana...veggies veggies veggies...except raw cabbage, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, very limited is a no no...seeds are ok...eggs, no way. Agave syrup when I need to tea, but decaf coffee is my drink of choice now next to water...I exercise in the morning...try to take a walk in the afternoon and why? I am not going to let disease beat me...I will beat it first...and feel good...why? because some foods are not my friends. HUGS

PS the pic is of my homemade buckwheat noodles made into mac n cheese...the cheese is nondairy Daiya cheddar flavored melted in unsweetened almond milk. Comforting and I dug the taste. Crushed potato chips satisfied my guilty pleasure.

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