Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bored with blogging about buckwheat

I know...I bore family is bored with me talking about buckwheat...and I am bored with blogging about buckwheat...BUT, my reality is that buckwheat is my saving substance...whether I ingest cream of buckwheat or buckwheat pancakes for breakfast and buckwheat bread or flatbread later on, I am thankful for buckwheat since I am staying clear of grains and buckwheat affords me the ability to have a pancake, have some form of breadlike product...and kasha is my new ricelike side dish...oh don't forget homemade noodles...what fun they are for me to life has become all about buckwheat but I am bored with blogging about it so I am taking a buckwheat break.

I continue to take my thyroid med in the evening and it works out very nicely for me... it helps me to not eat in the evenings. So hurray!

I found out my disease might attack my pancreas some day (if it is not already doing that) so I am pleased that I have not had candy since last September. Aren't I a paragon of virtue. LOL

Welllllll even with all the eliminations,I continue to be overweight...I lost ten pounds and am keeping that off but I am obese...I need to lose about 50 pounds...soooo more exercise is needed and perhaps upped dose of thyroid meds (very slow metabolism)...and less food, but like today I had a bowl of cream of buckwheat, a salad at Wendy's, corned beef and cabbage and carrots and one small potato for dinner...doesn't seem to me like overindulging...ok...pity party over...back to being bored with buckwheat but loving my acceptance of having Hashimoto's disease and thyroid disease and that I will never have candy (gluten, eggs, soy, dairy,yada yada yada etc etc etc) again. Life is amazing when you find control over what you need to find control over. I can do theeeeees!

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