Monday, March 7, 2011

Coconut french vanilla creamer...and yoga

In keeping with my coocoo for coconuts theme I tried So Delicious Coconut French Vanilla creamer...oh my...yummy! I am so excited because I am trying desperately to avoid dairy and casein but most non-dairy creamers have casein added...the other ones...not good (for my tastebuds). I am loving this product for my decaf coffee and spice tea. CHA CHA CHA!

On another good news note...I started doing yoga and I like it. I bought a yoga dvd and tried it...bought the yoga I am all set...with Hashimoto's disease it is important to not get stressed out, it seems to bring on manic behavior and Hashimoto quiets me and forces me to look inward and calm down. So yahoo yoga. I used to think it looked boring, but nope. I like it! Soften your eyes, keep them closed and look at your nose...and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. Love it!

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